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Titanic Pigeon Forge Coupons

Why Visit the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge?

People of all ages find the engaging, history-filled Titanic Museum interesting. With over 400 genuine artifacts on display, browsing the galleries gives insight into not only the famous ship but the people aboard. A few of the standouts at the museum include:

  • Walking the Grand Staircase
  • Steering the Ship and Walking the Star-Studded Captain’s Bridge
  • Learning to send an SOS signal
  • Touching a real iceberg


Explore the third and first class cabins to get a first-hand look at the fashions and accommodations of the early 20th century. A lot of attention is paid to the passengers of the Titanic Museum, making the visit educational yet somber. Two of the newer exhibits are dedicated to those sailing on the ship. The Titanic’s Children’s Stories Gallery pays homage to the little ones aboard the ship. An entire gallery is also dedicated to the “Unsinkable” Molly Brown, who has become a legend in the story of the Titanic.

You may think a historic attraction such as the Titanic Museum isn’t kid friendly, but that’s hardly true. There are interactive areas located throughout the museum, encouraging kids to test their knowledge and experience hands-on activities like feeling the icy waters of that night. There’s also a special audio tour just for kids, relating the events of that night in words they can relate to and understand.

Visiting the Titanic Museum is a special experience for all ages. Plus, since you aren’t spending all your time looking for Titanic Pigeon Forge coupons, you’ll have plenty of time to browse the museum!

Skip the Titanic Pigeon Forge Coupons!

Instead of flipping through magazines and clipping Titanic Pigeon Forge coupons, purchase your discount Titanic Pigeon Forge tickets to gain access to an amazing trip through history. For the best possible museum experience, plan on two hours for your visit.

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