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1/21/2019 Ticket Purchase
Very easy to navigate through.
1/21/2019 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Great combo price. I got 3 night stay at Scenic Hills Inn and 3 tickets to Fritz's in Branson, MO for under $200.
1/21/2019 Ticket Purchase
1/21/2019 Ticket Purchase
Fast and easy!
1/20/2019 Ticket Purchase
Ordering on line was easy
1/19/2019 Ticket Purchase
It was very easy and quick. Looking forward to seeing the Midway!
1/19/2019 Ticket Purchase
I don't know who Reserve Direct is. If it's related to an Amazon order I placed on January 2nd, I still don't have the product.
Reserve Direct Response: Thank you for your response. Reserve Direct is an online reservation company that offers shows, attractions, and lodging around the country. Our records are showing you called our customer service department and placed an order on January 14th for our Hawaii destination. The tour that was booked is the Kauai Sea Tours Na Pali Snorkel & Sunset Dinner Cruise on July 22nd. We have resent your e-ticket confirmation page confirming your order. Our customer service department is available at 1-800-590-4415 from 7am to 9pm CST daily.
1/18/2019 Ticket Purchase
Service rapide et efficace
1/18/2019 Ticket Purchase
Is good
1/18/2019 Ticket Purchase
Easy to use site. Placing the reservation was quite simple and easy to navigate.
1/18/2019 Ticket Purchase
They helped buy show tickets at a discount.
1/18/2019 Ticket Purchase
Customer service was friendly and answered all of my questions. They made changes to my reservation with no problem
1/18/2019 Ticket Purchase
I had and issue with confirmation of payment, maybe due to reason I saw the charged price in my currency not in USD. However Carla from help was amazing and she solve my issue very quick to my satisfaction. Perfect customer services.
1/18/2019 Hotel Booking
This is my first time using Reserve Direct and it was not a great experience. I booked tickets to two parks and a five night hotel stay in Orlando, spending nearly $1.2K. Then I get a message asking me to call to verify my plans to "prevent fraud." When I called in I was told there was some glitch in their system and they had not actually booked the room I had paid for. They had no idea what the problem was, but they would be happy to put me at a Comfort Inn instead. This was not an acceptable solution for me, because I am quite picky about where I stay. The representative then said that they would work on it and I'd hear from her in a day or two. I called back on Wednesday, after speaking with my sister, who happens to practice law in Florida. She had instructed me to print a copy of my receipt, but imagine my concern when I went on to the site and found that my entire profile no longer existed. None of the tickets I had purchased or anything were on the website. When I called, I was again given the run around as though I was confused and didn't know how to log into the account. Eventually I asked for a supervisor and was transferred to the same lady I spoke with on Monday. She informed me that she said one to TWO days and that this was the second day and they were still working on it. Later that afternoon, I got a call saying the issue had been fixed and I could go in to look at it. Now instead of one reservation there are four. One is cancelled, one for $250 and two that are marked as being free. This concerns me, because there is no longer a record of the actual booking with my full payment. But my concerns were brushed aside and the representative rushed me off of the phone.I was basically treated as though I were the problem, even though the issue was a "very rare glitch" in their system. At this point, I would be very leery of using this service again.
Reserve Direct Response: Thank you for your feedback. This was an unfortunate circumstance that had occurred with our company and the hotel. At the time, we were experiencing an error when our system and the hotel system was in the process of confirming the reservation and it did take a longer time to process than normal. We did offer another option since there was a delay in processing the hotel and that was to move you to different a property that was similar. However, we were able to resolve the situation and process the hotel. Your order was partially cancelled and rebooked to generate the hotel. You have currently have three active orders, one is for you Disney e-ticket, a second order is for your Universal e-ticket, and a third order is confirming your hotel. We do take our customers feedback very seriously and value all of our customer's. We do apologize for any confusion and inconvenience you experienced. We truly hope you enjoy your trip to Orlando! Please let us know if you have any questions.
1/18/2019 Ticket Purchase
I am a return guest for this website and I can say it is very reliable . It is easy to use ,their chat service is responsutile and attentive. Reserve Pigeon forge is the only one I have used and I can say everyone to trust on theme.
1/16/2019 Ticket Purchase
Website was a little confusing to understand, but was able purchase my admission to Sea World. Had to call to comfirm the charge and the person handling did a good job of clarifying.
1/15/2019 Ticket Purchase
Quick and easy reservation made and saved a little money as well.
1/14/2019 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Very easy to use and helped me find options of fun things to do that I didn’t even know were available!
Reserve Direct Response: Thank you for your response. We are happy we could assist you with booking your vacation to Gatlinburg. We hope you enjoy your time in the Smoky Mountains.
1/14/2019 Ticket Purchase
Quick and easy.
Reserve Direct Response: Thank you for your response. We are delighted to hear your booking process was quick and easy. We hope you enjoy your visit to The Comedy Barn!
1/14/2019 Ticket Purchase
Uitgebreid aanbod, veel keus voor aantrekkelijke prijzen. Heb veel aanbieders bekeken maar deze site steekt er met kop en schouders boven uit. Bestellen gaat eenvoudig, zaken zijn snel geregeld. Top!!
Reserve Direct Response: Thank you for your feedback. We are delighted we could assist you with your vacation to Orlando. We hope you enjoy your time at Disney, Universal and SeaWorld!

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